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Terms & Conditions of membership to ASSA


  1. “Growth for Service” should be your motto.
  2. Take up the simple challenge to write (in English only) value based articles, (max.3 pages only) poems, (max.1 page only) short stories, (max.3 pages only) one act-plays, (max.15 pages only) and personal experiences (max.2 pages only).
  3. The written material should be original and unpublished and may be sent to us by post or e-mail.
  4. ASSA holds and claims the right to edit, modify and publish on our website, if your contribution is accepted.
  5. If your contribution is up to our satisfaction it shall be incorporated on ASSA’s website and you will automatically become a member of it.
  6. Once we accept your manuscript, you will be informed of the same. The rejected materials will be sent back, if only you send us stamp affixed, self-addressed envelope.
  7. Those who are chosen to be members may send their bio-data and a passport size photograph, to be included in the list of ASSA.
  8. Since ASSA is only a charitable enterprise to promote human welfare and values, it will not be giving any kind of economic reward or remuneration. Let the ‘joy of sharing’ be your best reward.
  9. Your membership will remain as long as your contribution remains on the ASSA website.



The Office Bearers of ASSA
The appointment or removal of the office bearers of  ASSA is left to the discretion of the governing body of the Allahabad  St Paul Society.



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