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ASSA (Alberione Sahitya Sangeet Academy) was established in 1992, in honor of James Alberione, who streaked across the horizon of mass media like a meteor, blazing an amazing trail, during the last century. It has rendered a great service especially to the youth by encouraging them to discover and develop their talents in the field of literature and music.

In the new millennium, which is obviously the millennium of Internet and Website, ASSA has felt the urgent need to motivate creative writers to read the signs of the time and contribute to the whole humanity through creative writing, drama, music and other social awareness programs.

Alberione - a wonderful role model

How can one visualize the blossoming tree without thinking of the roots that have nourished it? Whenever we think of ASSA the magnetic personality of Alberione invariably zooms into our minds eye. He is a perennial and dynamic source of inspiration to all those who are involved in the mass media. All the members of ASSA must know at least something about his life, achievements and contributions to the humanity. Here is that ‘something’ in a nut -shell.

He was born on April 4, l884, in “San Lorenzo Di  Fossano” in North Italy, in a poor family. During his childhood he was very frail and often sick. He did not show then any outstanding qualities too. But one thing he had - a great desire, yes, a burning passion, to do something for God and His people.

He was fascinated by the power and influence of the modern means of social communications such as press, cinema, radio, television, etc., to promote human welfare. At the same time, he was deeply pained to see these powerful means being used by people with vested interests, to corrupt human minds. During the night long prayer on December 31,1900, he was inspired to start something new. The inspiration he gained during that silent night of prayer, made him to think in terms of having a large army of media persons to fight against bad press with good press, bad movies with good movies, sub-standard radio and television  programs with value-based  programs, in a dynamic and uncompromising manner to make the world a better place to inhabit.

 His dream became a reality with the founding of five religious congregations and four secular institutes and the Pauline cooperators. These ten organizations together are called the Pauline Family whose members tirelessly work together with mutual understanding and cooperation. During his lifetime, Alberione had the unique privilege of seeing several thousands of men and women of the Pauline Family members working in 40 different countries to make this world a better place.

The Society of St Paul is one of these organizations exclusively for men religious which is now known as St Pauls, to the rest of the world. In India, St Pauls is well known through its various dynamic activities like St Paul Publications, Better Yourself Books, St Paul Periodicals (The Teenager, The Inspirational Quote, The Sunday Liturgy, The Prabhu Ka Din, and The Petrus), St Paul communications, St Paul Audio-Visuals, and St Paul Mobile Units. Among the other organizations, The Daughters of St Paul and the Sister Disciples of the Divine Master are also largely represented in India.

--Fr. J. Philip ssp









1. The Voice of a Wanderer

2. An Unanswered Riddle

3. Pleasant Memories

4.  Nainital  

5. The Tale of a Nonconformist

6. The Chosen Few

7. In the New Millennium

8. Fly Up In The Sky

9. An Indelible Mark

10. Stop Violence to Yourself

11. The Irony of Fate

12. A Forgotten Virtue



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