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This ancient city at the confluence of the huge rivers of Ganga and Yamuna was known as Prayag (=place of sacrifice) in olden times, but during the time of the emperor Akbar it acquired its name Allahabad (=abode of God).

"Allahabad Junction" is its main Railway Station. Other three Rly. Stations in the city are: "Allahabad City" at Rambhag, "Prayag" and "Daraganj". There are two bridges to cross the Ganga river: "Lal Bahadur Shastri Bridge" crossing to "Jhushi", and "Curson Bridge" crossing to "Paphamau". At present there is only one bridge to cross the Yamuna river and that is the "Naini Bridge" connecting Allahabad to "Naini". Another bridge across the Yamuna is in the process of construction, the foundation stoneof which has been laid on June 23, 2001.

"Sangam" is the confluence of the rivers Ganga and Yamuna. It is known also as "Triveni" since it is believed that the mythical river

"Saraswati" also joins the Ganga here. In the month of Magha (Jan-Feb) every year Hindu pilgrims come to bathe at this holy confluence on the occassion of the festival known as "Magha Mela". It is "Ardh Mela" every 6th year, and "Kumbh Mela" every 12th year, which is considered as the largest religious gathering in the world. According to the Hindu creation mythology, Devas fought with Asuras for a pot (Kumph) containing the nectar (Amrut) of immortality. Vishnu of the Devas snatched the pot and got away, but during his flight a drop of the nectar was spilt at each of the four places: Allahabad, Haridwar, Nasik and Ujjain. The fight lasted 12 days and the Devas won and gained the nectar. A mela (fair) is held every year in each of the places where a drop of the nectar fell. That is the story of Kumbh Mela.

"Akbars Fort" is a massive fort built by the emperor Akbar in 1583 near Sangam on the northern bank of Yamuna. There is an underground temple at the eastern part of the fort.

"Anand Bhavan", built by Motilal Nehru, is the beatuiful home of the Nehru family. It is now preserved as a museum exhibiting all that related to the struggle of the Nehru family for the freedom of India. Next to Anand Bhavan is "Swaraj Bhavan" where Motilal Nehru lived until 1930 and where Indira Gandhi was born.

Allahabad city has five Catholic Parishes: St Josephs Cathedral at 32-Thornhill Road, St Patricks Church at 1-Kanpur Road, Jyoti Nivas at Muirabad, Queen of the Apostles Church at Ranipur, and St John Bosco Church in Naini. The Bishops House is in the Cathedral compound. Not far away from the Cathedral is St Josephs Regional Seminary at 4-Tashkent Road. St. Josephs College for boys is at 2-Tashkent Road, opposite to the Seminary.

Bethany Sisters of the Little Flower have their Convent and High School in Naini. Canossian Daughters of Charity have their Convent and High School for girls at 41-Dayanand Marg. Sisters of the Institute of Blessed Virgin Mary have their Provincial House at 21-Thornhill Road, and a Convent, a Teachers Training College, and St Marys Inter College at 32-Thornhill Road. The Congregation of the Sisters of Nazareth have their Provincial House in Muirabad, and a Convent and a School of Nursing attached to the Nazareth Hospital at 13A-Kamala Nehru Road. Missionaries of Charity of Mother Teresa have their Convent and a Shishu Bhavan at 65-A Stanley Road in Muirabad. Ursuline Sisters of Mary Immaculate have their Convent at Kanpur Road.


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